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Sukriti Dabral

Sukriti DabralI grew up singing bhajans and learning yoga philosophy with my Hindu family, on the central coast of California. My Indian heritage planted the seeds of a spiritual practice that began sprouting anew when I started attending Theresa Paraskos’ beginner and Kari Jacobson’s yin yoga classes in the Fall of 2010. I completed Cat Kabira’s 200hr Yoga & Energetics teacher training in Bali over the summer of 2013, including training in Yin yoga with Kari Jacobson and level 1 certification in Craniosacral Therapy with Cat Kabira and James Newman. I’ll always be a yoga geek, constantly questioning and adventuring through body and mind. I continue my journey through daily practice and study, and delight in sharing the love for it whenever I have an opportunity to teach. Notably, Barbara Benagh and Sarah Powers have become important influences, and I am grateful for them, Theresa, Kari, Cat, and all the other teachers and friends who continue to support me on my path. I’m often at the mercy of my anxieties, just a head floating above a body. What I realize through studying yoga is that I only stay tense when I am disconnected, from my body and from my very core Self. Through yoga and meditation I am reminded; I can find my way back to that connection, and love being able to provide a welcoming environment for others to explore their own inner connections to Self, as well.

Rob Phillips

Rob PhillipsRob Phillips teaches yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness, simplicity, and precision. His active-style classes strongly focus on the use of breath, and draw from both the finesse of alignment-based methods and the fluid transitions of vinyasa flow. When teaching in a Yin style, Rob’s classes offer instruction inspired by classical buddhist meditation, combined with deep relaxation and release. Outside of his work in yoga, Rob spends much of his time devoted to the performance and production of music; so it is perhaps with some irony that he is now drawn primarily towards practices with a strong emphasis on silence.

Over the past seven years of practice, Rob has had the privilege of studying with some of Boston’s best teachers, including a 200-hour training with Natasha Rizopoulos, a certification in Yin Yoga with Joshua Summers, and several years of Mysore-style Ashtanga with Kate O’Donnel. In addition, he practices Vipassana(Insight) Meditation daily with instruction from Beth Resnick-Folk, as well as regular long retreats with some of the nations top teachers at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA.

Theresa Briggs

Theresa Briggs, E-RYTI love exploring the tiny shifts that can transform a pose and the larger internal shifts that allow me to be comfortable in my own skin.  After graduating from BU with a degree in Psychology and the unfortunate mindset that certain things cannot be healed, yoga renewed by belief in the therapeutic process and the possibility of change.

I teach to share the multitude of benefits a daily practice can provide, and guide my students with a light heart and a sense of humor.   My classes incorporate a strong emphasis on alignment and anatomy,  as well as the occassional tennis ball.  I completed my 200 hour certification with Richard Lanza and the crew at Open Doors in my hometown, 500 hours and years of study with Barbara Benagh, and 200 hours with Richard Freeman.  I am a certified Structural and Movement Analyst through Tom Myers/Kinesis and continue to study CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute.


Jess Hicks

Jess HicksYoga has been Jess’ shadow as she has walked down a variety of paths in life, starting many decades ago with yoga on the golden shag carpet of her childhood home with her mom by her side and Lilias on the TV. Since having her own children, Jess’ practice has moved to the foreground, unobscured, into the light, becoming the path.

Jess has been influenced by and has studied many of the meditative styles of yoga, including slow flow, Yin, and restorative. She completed a 200 hour training with Bo Forbes, a Yin training with Josh Summers, and she has been blessed by the presence of many other teachers along the way. Her classes are tied together by a thread of mindful movement that can be deeply comforting and healing.

Ryan Hill

Ryan HillYoga is a life-long healing practice. It’s not about flexibility. You’ll learn to develop attention, disconnect from doubt, and better understand your natural state of being. When you can FULLY participate with asana with a sense of surrender to what’s available to your body, you can move toward ease and become present with the circumstances you’re given. A great side-effect is a lack of dis-ease!

I simply adore the yoga practice, in the geekiest way. After extensive study at South Boston Yoga, I participated in their 500-hour teacher training in 2009. I heard the calling profoundly and took the leap, leaving my career in architecture to wait tables and practice. Today, yoga has moved from a flirtation to a love affair. Nothing makes me more enthusiastic than sharing my experience. I teach actively around Somerville/ Cambridge and believe that no one style of yoga holds the key to understanding ourselves. My deepest gratitude goes out to the teachers who have influenced me most, opening the doors of my heart (and hamstrings!): David Vendetti, Todd Skoglund, Cat Kabira, and Barbara Benagh.


Tom Hogan

RB2_1487-Edit-2Tom teaches a flowing vinyasa class that synchronizes breath with movement while incorporating simple and clear alignment cues. Each class is consistent in its therapeutic goal of safely opening each part of the body, while expressing the spontaneity and freedom of a flowing style of practice.

Tom has been studying yoga for ten years and his teaching and practice are reflections of a lifelong inquiry into the causes of happiness and inner peace. He sees time on the yoga mat not only as a time to take care of the physical body, but also as an opportunity to tend to the garden of the mind and spirit.

His teaching style is greatly influenced by Rolf Gates, with whom Tom studied vinyasa yoga for three years, and Santosh Karmacharya, with whom Tom is currently studying.


Carolyn Little

Carolyn LittleCarolyn Little, Registered Yoga Teacher, Health Coach and Reiki Master, is completing her 500 hour certification through the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica and is a certified Pranassage practitioner (a synthesis of yoga and bodywork that produces deep relaxation in the receiver).  Carolyn has lived and traveled extensively both nationally and internationally and no matter where she is in the world, her practice brings her home within herself. Yoga is a grounding force in her life, a unification of mind, body and spirit.  It has allowed her to heal physically and emotionally while finding balance and joy in her life.

A background in ballet and sports lead her to connect with the the graceful, strong flow of vinyasa yoga.  Carolyn has studied with many renowned instructors such as: Don and Amba Stapleton (Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica), Elena Brower (Virayoga, NY), Desiree Rumbaugh (Anusara), Barbara Benagh (Iyengar), Kevin Courtney (Kula Yoga, NY), David Vendetti (South Boston Yoga) as well as with various international yoga teachers and healers. Carolyn completed a yin yoga teacher training program with Josh Summers (Yin yoga and Insight Meditation) and is influenced by Paul Grilley, Bernie Clark, and Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga). Her Yin classes combine traditional yoga poses with the meridian system from Chinese medicine, as well as Buddhist meditation.  She is also certified to teach prenatal yoga through Blooma Yoga and Wellness Center in Minn, MN.


Jenn Pici Falk

Jenn Pici Falk14 years of yoga practice and 8 years of teaching have helped Jenn move through major transitions such as finding her calling & voice, partnering (marriage), and childbearing (her son was born in 2011). Jenn is passionate about fostering confidence, curiosity, and openess to yoga practitioners of all ages and to learning how to support one another as we enter new life stages in this complicated world. Her practice has evolved from Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga after years as a collegiate athlete, to needing a slower flow, Hatha, and Yin as she entered a new phase. She loves building community, staying open to all styles/teachers of yoga, and honoring the present in her own practice. She now teaches a fusion that embraces all those forms of yoga based on what the class needs, and a little to do with the moon cycles.  She is currently studying with Elena Brower (ViraYoga-NYC) in her Art of Attention Training for Teachers.

Christie Rosen

Christie RosenChristie fell in love with yoga while volunteering and living at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the Berkshires. Ever since then, yoga has been the most important part of her daily life, physically, mentally and spiritually.  She completed her yoga teacher training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica with Don and Amba Stapleton and took her JourneyDance™ teacher training at Kripalu with Toni Bergins. Christie is most inspired by music and movement, and her classes will encourage you to follow your heart, listen to your body and have fun!Christie is also passionate about healthy living. She is a certified holistic health coach and received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  She loves talking to people about simple ways they can improve their health and happiness.

Christie has seen first hand how yoga can positively affect people in every aspect of life.  She has been forever changed by the benefits of yoga and enjoys nothing more than seeing this transformation occur in her students. Her number one goal is to make her students happy and she loves taking requests.


Visiting Teachers/Subs

Kari Jacobsen, MS, E-RYT 200

Kari Jacobsen, MS, E-RYT 200Kari began practicing yoga and mediation in 2001 with the hope of reducing anxiety and stress.  The sense of calm she attained witha simple 30-minute practice at the end of the day inspired her to make yoga and meditation a regular part of her life.  That initiated a life-long intention to do everything she wanted with passionate ease and lots of heart.Kari completed her foundation teacher training in Forrest Yoga and continues to study with Ana Forrest.  Additional trainings with Sarah Powers in Yin Yoga and Daniel Orlansky in Meridian Yoga greatly influence her teaching.  Ongoing study of CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute informs her hands-on assists.

Appreciating the balance of yin and yang, Kari teaches both vigorous heat-building styles and contemplative restoring styles of yoga.  She infuses intelligent mindfulness practice into her yinn and yang classes.  She is known for her steady guidance and calming presence.  Kari guides her students to find and listen to their inner wisdom so they practic in a way that feels dynamic and healing.  The support of her respectful hands-on assists helps students in unravelng areas of tension and restriction.