Alana Rivera


My fascination with yoga began while I was recovering from a broken leg, which often left me feeling frustrated and impatient. My practice encouraged taking time and building an understanding of the body. I worked with what was present and available in the moment, rather than relying on patterns and habits from my past. I learned just as much about patience and slow examination as I did about the function and movement of the leg. Eventually, I realized that I was hooked! Daily differences became interesting rather than infuriating. Imbalances became places to explore. I found a richness to life on and off the mat by actually being able to hang out in my body. This continues to inform my practice and my teaching.

I did my teacher training with Ryan Cunningham, which grew my love of the community at Bow Street. Nerding out with everyone is one of my all-time favorite activities. I truly enjoy teaching; I love seeing a student build an understanding of their body. I try to foster a sense of patience during practice, and willingness to try movement or stillness so we all get a sense of how we really feel.

Upcoming Classes with Alana