Theresa Briggs


To Theresa, yoga is the possibility of change.  It is a practice in paying attention: to the alignment and sensations of the postures, the rhythm of the breath, and to the emotions and thoughts arising in each moment.  This increased awareness provides a choice- a space in which to take a breath instead of just reacting.  Her classes aim to cultivate this attention through slow movement, interoception, and humor.  Her own practice provides relief from anxiety and overanalyzing, a more comfortable body, and so much joy and appreciation for life.  She teaches at Bow Street Yoga in Union Square, a small neighborhood studio she founded in 2009.  

Theresa has been studying yoga for over a decade.  She completed her initial 200-hour training through Open Doors Yoga Studios in her hometown of Weymouth, MA.  Her teaching has been heavily influenced by seven years of studying with Barbara Benagh in Boston, and she completed her 500 hour training with Barbara is 2014.  She has also studied under Richard Freeman and completed his 200 hour Teachers’ Intensive in Boulder 2014.  She is also a certified Movement and Structural Analyst through KMI with Tom Myers.  She is passionate about anatomy and loves to teach beginners. 

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Christyn Schroeder

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A teacher to people of all ages, Christyn’s creative classes encourage students to embody their innately curious nature, leading to a more authentic understanding of themselves and the impact they hope to make outside of the yoga studio. Her yoga education has been diverse and deep.  Since beginning her yoga journey with Iyengar yoga while still in high school, Christyn has dipped her toe into many traditions, completing numerous trainings along the way. She has studied in depth with both Shiva Rea and Barbara Benagh (who she considers to be her main teacher now), as well as spent a year studying anatomy and movement therapy with Tom Myers.

Christyn is deeply passionate about the profound benefits yoga can bring to kids.  In 2007 she founded KidPowerment Yoga, which brings yoga to more than 500 kids a week in the greater Boston area.  Regarded as an expert in her field, Christyn has presented at the National Children’s Yoga Conference, the National Conference on Children and Homelessness, as well as countless workshops and in-services for teachers. Christyn is based in Boston, but is blessed to be invited to teach around the country and the world.  

She lives by the Thoreau quote, “Be not simply good, be good for something.”

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Jess Hicks


Jess started practicing yoga and meditation as a child, and practiced off and on into adulthood. She started practicing in a more dedicated way and was inspired to begin teaching after the birth of her own children over a decade ago. For Jess, the practice always has been a way to heal and ground and to find new connections to an ever-changing body. These aspects of practice helped her to find balance through infertility treatments, parenting, cancer, chronic illness, and the ups and downs of perimenopause to name just a few. She is trained in many forms and styles of yoga including restorative, yin, and yoga nidra, and she is a reiki master. She brings these forms along with her lovingkindness meditation practice into all of her classes which will require students to engage with both effort and self-compassion.

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Lindsay Metz


Lindsay has been teaching in the Boston area since 2006. The thing that draws her to the practice is teaching – sharing this practice with students, and helping them to notice what's going on in their bodies and discovering what yoga means for them. Her classes are slow and thoughtful, asking you to think about either the bolster you're releasing into or the warrior you're living in. Over the years Lindsay has been fortunate enough to study with some truly amazing and inspiring teachers – Bonnie Argo, Nicole Clark, Todd Norian, Ann Greene, and Judith Hansen Lasater. She has also enjoyed deepening her understanding of connecting to students through Craniosacral study with Hugh Milne.

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Jenn Falk


A life long lover of movement, Jenn Falk has been teaching yoga since 2006. She strives for a balanced class & practice that releases tension from the body, stress from the mind, and enhances love in the heart. With a family to care for, she aims to stay attentive to a simple and creative pace of life, to live in rhythm with the seasons & lunar cycles, and continue to grow and learn through it all.

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Alana Rivera


My fascination with yoga began while I was recovering from a broken leg, which often left me feeling frustrated and impatient. My practice encouraged taking time and building an understanding of the body. I worked with what was present and available in the moment, rather than relying on patterns and habits from my past. I learned just as much about patience and slow examination as I did about the function and movement of the leg. Eventually, I realized that I was hooked! Daily differences became interesting rather than infuriating. Imbalances became places to explore. I found a richness to life on and off the mat by actually being able to hang out in my body. This continues to inform my practice and my teaching.

I did my teacher training with Ryan Cunningham, which grew my love of the community at Bow Street. Nerding out with everyone is one of my all-time favorite activities. I truly enjoy teaching; I love seeing a student build an understanding of their body. I try to foster a sense of patience during practice, and willingness to try movement or stillness so we all get a sense of how we really feel.

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Sukriti Dabral


Hi, I’m Sukriti (they/them/theirs).  I’m a body-positive Indian-American yoga teacher, whose connection to the practice began as a child.  Raised Hindu, I learned philosophy and meditation from my family.  As an adult in brain-heavy Boston, I found myself stressed, anxious and uncomfortably directionless, until in late 2010 when I wandered into an asana class and learned what a powerful form of medicine it can be.  I’ve been practicing, learning and teaching whoever wants to listen, ever since.

In 2013 I studied with Cat Kabira in her 200hr Yoga and Energetics Level I teacher training, learning that a deep sense of empowerment arises from core connection and tuning into one’s energetic states.  I also completed Barbara Benagh’s 500hr In-Depth Studies and The Art of Teaching program in 2015, and with the added influence of Sarah Powers’ teachings continue to study the subtle aspects of an unhurried practice.

I weave together what I’ve learned of the gross body, energetics, breath, movement and meditation, in order to give students new access to increased wellness and also a deeper sense of self-knowledge.  My ultimate goal is for students to cultivate ease, strength, and trust starting with a more attuned relationship with their own bodies.  

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Fez Aswat


Fez Aswat has been teaching yoga and meditation in the Boston area since 2001. He views his yoga practice as both a natural extension of and a pathway back to his meditation practice which serves as the basis of his teaching. As a two time cancer survivor, a musician, a husband and a father, Fez regards yoga as an invaluable and necessary practice for the maintenance of his own well-being which allows him to connect to the capacity to help others with the practice. He works closely with his teacher, Tom Alden, and has also studied extensively with Barbara Benagh, Patricia Walden, Arthur Kilmurray and Jin Sung.

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Esteban Da Cruz


 My yoga practice is rooted in the classical Ashtanga and Iyengar lineages of Hatha yoga. I have since synthesized these teachings with everything I have learned in my studies of biomechanics and anatomy, eastern philosophy and meditation, as well as through my continuously evolving personal practice. My goal is to guide students towards a deeper connection with themselves, so that they may begin to notice the patterns and habits of their bodies and minds, in order to step out of those patterns and begin to live intentionally and fruitfully. I wish to humbly assist practitioners as they walk their own journey of self-discovery, so that they may find joy, simplicity, health and fulfillment.