Theresa Briggs


To Theresa, yoga is the possibility of change.  It is a practice in paying attention: to the alignment and sensations of the postures, the rhythm of the breath, and to the emotions and thoughts arising in each moment.  This increased awareness provides a choice- a space in which to take a breath instead of just reacting.  Her classes aim to cultivate this attention through slow movement, interoception, and humor.  Her own practice provides relief from anxiety and overanalyzing, a more comfortable body, and so much joy and appreciation for life.  She teaches at Bow Street Yoga in Union Square, a small neighborhood studio she founded in 2009.  

Theresa has been studying yoga for over a decade.  She completed her initial 200-hour training through Open Doors Yoga Studios in her hometown of Weymouth, MA.  Her teaching has been heavily influenced by seven years of studying with Barbara Benagh in Boston, and she completed her 500 hour training with Barbara is 2014.  She has also studied under Richard Freeman and completed his 200 hour Teachers’ Intensive in Boulder 2014.  She is also a certified Movement and Structural Analyst through KMI with Tom Myers.  She is passionate about anatomy and loves to teach beginners. 

Upcoming Classes with theresa