Class Descriptions

Our team is interested in teaching yoga as a profound method for self-care and exploration. For this reason we do our best to teach whoever walks in the door. Our emphasis is on cultivating mindfulness, awareness, understanding and kindness through asana, meditation and pranayama practices. We also encourage students to ask questions, and engage in a dialogue with the teacher and fellow students about their own unique experience of practice. 



Yep just "Yoga". Our teachers are dedicated yoga practitioners (read: nerds) who are thrilled to share Yoga with you. This class is simply a well-rounded yoga practice. Everyone is welcome!


These classes help you build (or refresh) a solid foundation, and learn how to personalize your practice. Newbies and long-time yogis welcome! 

Upcoming Unwind Clases

 We offer a number of classes each week on a pay what you can basis. You can sign up for free online, and leave as much of a cash contribution as you can in the bowl*. 

no one will be turned away for lack of funds!

*we also accept thank you notes, poems, art projects, or alternative contributions of a similar nature :-). Members and Class Card holders are also welcome to use their passes for these classes!


more yoga.

for experienced students and teachers

At Bow Street, we take the point of view that yoga practice is about caring for ourselves. This class is about advancing in that view of practice. In this 2hr format we will attempt to approach asana, pranayama, movement and meditation in a more nuanced way as well as explore forms that are a little more compound/complex (i.e. inversions, deeper backbends, etc).

Using meditation as the foundation, we will explore a broader range of possibilities and choices within familiar forms. The outcome of understanding these possibilities is hopefully a greater ability to use yoga practice to support wellness. 

Students should have a committed yoga practice and come to class with an open mind. 



Weekly Drop-in Meditation classes

Always geared to all experience levels, schools and lineages. These classes emphasize the seated practice based on each teacher's unique study into mindfulness and mediation. Meditation classes are included within membership or a $5 drop-in.

Upcoming Meditations


Self Practice at BSY

Drop-in - $5*

*Free to Patron & Supporter Members

Bow Street Yoga is committed to providing students with a space to learn and practice. Since all of our teachers stress the importance of home/independent practice, we open our studio up a number of times each week for students to explore on their own. 

Not sure where to get started?! We have a growing library of self-practice material that are available for students to use during self practice periods.