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Human Sexuality Series 1: What You Missed In High School

Human Sexuality Series 1: What You Missed In High School

with Sukriti Dabral

Thursdays 7:45 — 9:15pm | May 5 — June 6

In this six-week series, you’ll experience the sex ed you ~wish~ you’d gotten in high school! Whether you’re a yoga practitioner or not, this is an opportunity to expand the idea of what kind of learning belongs in a yoga studio. We’ll use it primarily as a sex-ed classroom, but Sukriti will open and close with a brief meditation, plus offer an optional short guided stretch break halfway through each session.

Sukriti Dabral is a yoga teacher & sexuality educator with a Masters in human sexuality education, and is always looking for ways to help people draw connections between Self, Other, and Community.

“People tell me all the time that they didn’t have access to quality sexual education when they were younger. So I thought, why not offer a series for adults who want to catch up, or just have space to think more deeply about these important, often taboo topics?”

Interested but also nervous? That’s totally understandable! A key feature of this series will be the opportunity to ask anonymous questions and receive nonjudgmental, fact-based answers, as well as conduct some independent study on topics of special interest. All value systems are welcome, and how you decide to participate is totally up to you :)

Topics covered will include: 
Week 1 - Introduction and Circles of Sexuality
Week 2 - Sexual and Reproductive Biology
Week 3 - Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
Week 4 - Protecting Against STIs including HIV, and Unwanted Pregnancy
Week 5 - Sexual Violence, Consent, and Healthy Relationships
Week 6 - Reflecting, Connecting, and Making Meaning

Pricing Policy:
For workshops and retreats we offer a sliding scale policy, offered in 4 tiers. Students are welcome to register at any of the prices according to their means. For reference, we calculate the pricing scale using the 2nd tier as the base price. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Full Series Pricing:
Tier 1: $175 | Tier 2: $135 | Tier 3: $115 | Tier 4: $95

refund policy for workshops:

All workshop sales are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another workshop. If you notify us via email 72 hours in advance we can transfer your registration to different student. Please email if you have any questions.