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Lunar Movement Exploration: December Full Moon + Winter Solstice

Lunar Movement Exploration: December New Moon + Winter Solstice  

Sun, Dec 15th, 1:30 - 3:30pm

Jenn Falk will lead this 2 hour workshop to share space for minds and hearts to open, breathe, and sense in your own body during the current season and moment of the lunar cycle.

This class will be a yin-centered Unwind practice for the New Moon. We will aim to find stillness and time to listen for where we might place our attention in the next cycle. You will also have an opportunity to pick from an oracle deck, and/or journal as part of your practice. 

This is a post-Full Moon + Pre-Winter Solstice practice coming just a few days after the Sagittarius Full Moon in Gemini, we will spend this Yin + Yang practice to pay attention to all of our sides. Right/Left, Upper body/Lower body, Front body/Back body. This time of year also begins the process of honoring the Winter Solstice, when we have the longest nights of the year and get to reflect on how we might find light as Winter approaches. 

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