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Structural ReAlignment Integration®

  • Bow Street Yoga 34 Bow Street Somerville, MA, 02143 United States (map)

Structural ReAlignment Integration®

A Modality Developed by Ginny Nadler, Pelvic Alignment Specialist

Saturday Sept 29th 10am-4:30pm | Sunday Sept 30th 10am-4pm

$299 for the full weekend | $175 for Saturday only


All muscle fiber distortion leading to pain begins in the pelvic floor specifically at the site of the perineum, where we have our embryological beginnings. The modality Structural ReAlignment Integration® focuses on this most sacred area of the body where often in utero and certainly when we take our very first steps as a baby our structural misalignment begins to manifest. The confusion and distortion of thousands and thousands of muscle fiber cells emerging in this very small area begins to create a mini tsunami when the musculature starts to twist and ravel over and around each other ultimately pulling the bones out of alignment leading to stress, pain the inability to stand on two legs. As we live longer in this misalignment and begin to exercise, run, do yoga, dance and move in all the myriad ways we do we exacerbate our physical stories even more.

SRI calls us to dive deep into the pelvic floor to the source of our beginnings, to the embryology of our consciousness. If you are experiencing pain, hip, back, neck, knee and more and perhaps are on your way to a hip and/or knee replacement or have had these, traveling internally with the anatomical map for your specific misalignment patterns will be invaluable. With anatomical guidance for the lay person and specific stretches to guide you to the exact source of your specific muscular confusion, these informative hours together will provide you your entry point to release the hold your muscles have on your bones and reverse painful stuck areas.

The pelvis is a warehouse of emotional contraction as well, where fear, shame, anger, guilt and trauma are stored. Opening the pelvic floor, opens us up to release tension and stress held within our cellular structures. In this time spent together we will tenderly, beginning with the unraveling of muscle over and around bone, begin an unwinding process. We will create a sacred home to come home to, awaken and restore energetic pathways to reclaim our most precious being, realigning physically, and emotionally and spiritually.

All of this in-depth practice, transparent communication, and deepening the unraveling beginning in the pelvic floor, releasing the holdings and stories held in the nervous system has transformed Ginny’s practice with clients.

In her words, “The work I do with sacred bodies, structurally, emotionally and spiritually, is yet another level of where I am in my own “dismemberment.” I am a place-holder so to speak. As a facilitator, a practitioner of transparent communication, I host the places in the layers of cellular awakening, ready to reveal the decisions long ago made. A body doula; as the distortions in structure relax with gentle loving support, as trauma in the pelvic floor emerges, I am in service to the nervous system of the being I am honored to align with. Birth is a constant in this journey of life, as is death. The mystery of this human form as a vehicle to live divinity is what I am here to support others with.”

This practice is for anyone and everyone wanting to embody your physical home for as long as you are embodied. If you are a movement modality specialist in any of the many movement modality healing arts, a therapist in any of the emotional, psychological, medical and psychiatric fields, educators, this will be invaluable information to share with your clients. Yoga students, teachers, Pilates teachers, dancers, chiropractors, Network Spinal Doctors, women’s health care providers, M.D.’s and more, have experienced this unraveling to the “source of our beginning practice.” All are invited to become more enlightened about the pelvic floor and incorporate this information into your healing practices.

Refund Policy for workshops:

All workshop sales are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another workshop. If you notify us via email 72 hours in advance we can transfer your registration to different student. Please email if you have any questions.